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Facecrook for Facebook

Facebook, everyone is on there and everyone wants to be there. What made the social networking platform so famous, was the fact that all the people using them were verifiable people and like the name suggests you could recognize profiles from the pictures of the faces that were on there. However, there are many of us who prefer not to use their own photos for the profiles, for the reason of privacy or don’t want people to see them or just because they do not have a “good Looking” photo of theirs that they want the world to see. And if a photo is not selected, then Facebook gives you a no face picture for your profile.

The no face pictures are pretty boring and are very bland, to signify that they are the same for all. However one designer, Anton Mircea has come up with these awesome mug shots of the faceless profile picture. Aptly names Facecrook, these pictures are awesome as they are cool. Use these and you are guaranteed quite a few comments on your facebook profile asking where you got them from.

You can download them here.