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Engineering … what is it ?

To put it in short

Engineering is the application of understanding.

An engineer encounters a problem, researches the causes, investigates ways to remedy the problem, and then designs and implements a solution. I always thought that the engineering course that we all undertake is not really about the subjects that you are learning. Well not 100% at least but definitely is to kindle the part of your brain which is responsible for Analytical thinking. And after going through the grueling 4 years of the engineering course, I think that I really have got only that from the college.

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I mean not a disregard to the lecturers who tried their very best to get the subjects into my head, but its a testament to what was the course material that they had actually picked for the course. Frankly, COBOL for programming, nothing to do with present day circuits and instrumentation techniques that were used in manufacturing over 10 years ago. Thats not really ideal, having said that, It is still that information that definitely  triggered the analytical thinking part of my brain.

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Over time I have tried to answer the question “Why do I enjoy doing what I do so much?” and have finally realized that it’s not one particular aspect.  Instead, it’s the process as a whole.  For an engineer, a project is a complete scientific discovery from start to finish. Curious about the problems, Learning how to solve it, Understanding the pros and cons of the solution, expressing it with sketches and finally applying the solution to the problem. Interestingly though, I have just found that even most of hobbies that I engage in all follow this progression.

  • Photography – Curiosity of looking at light and frames
  • Gaming – directly involves lot of problem solving skills
  • Paper craft – well am still a novice, involves 3D modelling of paper
  • Blogging – Just started blogging seriously

In almost every way, I think these are simply different names for the same thing. Engineering in its basics provides us engineers a lot of joy just to see even an unconventional solution working. You can check out this site for a lot of such haphazard solutions which are not ideal but do the job nevertheless : http:/ Named appropriately.