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Why Piracy works ?

[tweetmeme] It is a long debated topic, Software / Movie Piracy industry is growing and people seem to be adopting it very well finding a way to get through all the blocks. But is it just money that is an issue for consumers ? I guess there is an alternative point for why piracy is doing great check out the image below.



Try before you buy, online ? Now you can !

[tweetmeme] One of my favorite technologies that I keep writing about is Augmented reality and this is one technology that is definitely going to change a lot of habits among us; And the part of society or business that will be the first to adopt will be able to be on top when the technology comes up for good. Anyway, back to what I want to talk about, I did do a post earlier where I had mentioned how Cisco imagines our future, where we shop using augmented reality. That future is closer than I think it is. As a refresher check out the video below :

Now imagine how this could be happening ? Well, I have the answer. A business in London has come up with an online solution for people to be able to select their glasses and having to try them on before buying them …. all online 🙂 How you ask me?

You can check it out yourself here. I can assure you that you will be surprised at the result. You can see a demo of the same here below :

This reminds of a very famous quote about the future :

“The future is already here, its just not evenly distributed ” – William Gibson

Wordless Thursday – Facebook Visualized

Our most beloved website, now just completed 6 years and well its visualized.


Buy a piece of the future at Sharaf DG : Power Mats

[tweetmeme] Sharaf DG in Dubai is one of my favorite stores, offering a lot of electronics gadgets and offers at the same time. Personally, my experience is of a kid going to a candy store. I always find something noteworthy and something of utter uselessness when I go there, however it might not stock the latest Google Nexus One or Samsung Droid, it still sports something that grabs my attention.

My pick at my last visit was the Power Mat, well you have heard about normal mats, but this will help your gadgets charge and juice up wirelessly, yes you hears that right wirelessly. We’ve seen quite a few induction-based “wireless power” systems make the scene, and while the idea is interesting both in theory and prototype, actually getting it to market has proven to be quite difficult, with some casualties along the way.  Unlike other induction-based “wireless power” contraptions, this one came out earlier this year as total vaporware and has now resurfaced as a collaborative effort by Michigan-based HoMedics Powermat North America (HPNA).

It seems as though Powermat is a shoe-in to the first company to really hit with something usable, affordable and practical. When you need to give something with a USB port a bit of juice, you can simply plug it into the PowerMat and let it transfer power across. It’s nice and neat, and a simple concept. Of course, it tackles the question of wireless charging, that charges devices without them needing to be attached, but it’s no less interesting for it.

I would have got one except that they do not really support Nokia devices and my N95 would not really make use of it, but really when they support it, I would be more than happy to get it. Priced at about Dhs 300, it is something that will drop price as the sales increase.

Checkit out here:

The new ABC on Einstein’s Birthday


A for Apple

B for Bluetooth

C for Compact Disk

D for DELL

E for Energy Star F for Facebook

G for Google

H for HP

I for Intel

J for Java 

K for KDE

L for Lenovo

M for Microsoft

N for Ning

O for Orkut

P for Pokemon

Q for Quicktime

R for Real

S for Skype

T for Twitter

U for USB

V for Vista

W for Wikipedia

X for Xerox

Y for YouTube

Z for ZooZoo

Transparent and Techo Football for the World Cup

[tweetmeme] Technology has spread to all aspects of our lives, and Sports is something where accuracy and timing is one of the most desired characteristics, and so how could technology not be involved. Well, in an earlier post I had looked at the influence of technology in the world of cricket.

Considering the world cup approaching this year, the football which had undergone aesthetic and aerodynamic upgrades from Adidas last time around has just got an injected with sensors, yes if all goes well this time around the world cup will feature footballs that are transparent as well as be embeded with sensors that will let the referee know when the ball has crossed the goal line. Dubbed Goal line technology, which FIFA had decided to use at the 2007 Club World Cup, to be contested by continental club champions in Japan between December 7 and 16 2009 is apparently really pleased with the results and the same might be used at the FIFA world cup as well.

AGENT, a strategic intelligence embassy has revealed a transparent football concept dubbed the CTRUS. Fair play could creep in ever so well in the game of soccer if something like this interactive detection system, GPS and RFID included ball can make to the fore. This would mean easier identification of those close calls over the goal line, or the side line. Make obvious the off sides, and provide transparency in decisions like the ‘hand of God’ and the more recent Thierry Henry’s controversial handball goal against Ireland. The inner structure of the CTRUS is made in skelle-core while the outside of the ball features a net-embedded shell, which leaves the ball to be the first transparent soccer ball. More images and video demonstration of the ball after the jump.

Microsoft shows how we might use a Tablet device

[tweetmeme] One of the biggest giants of the software industry alongside Google is Microsoft and unlike Google which relies on fans and partner companies to do most of the innovation in relation to hardware, Microsoft is taking on the task by itself. Against, a common competitor Apple and the iPad. Sometime earlier we looked at how the tablet industry is shaping up across the world, especially since Apple announced the iPad. It was more than just disappointing to see that Apple did the intro of the device which was not really great, however world over people seem to think that Apple has the right pulse when it comes to handhelds especially after the tremendous success of the iPod and the iPhone. So, without really performing any sort of sanity check all companies seem to jump on to the Tablet bandwagon, maybe through direct involvement or indirect. Today lets see one of the offerings that will be available just after the iPad.

Microsoft courier

Definitely one of my favorite devices in the list. Why ? well it embodies the concept of a hand held notebook (quite literally). I guess I might be speaking too soon, but the demo’s and concept photos that have surfaced recently, including windows mobile 7, seem to show Microsoft’s intent to start from scratch to make their offering better. Some of the pictures below here might just show how good this device might turn out to be, and a video showing how Microsoft thinks we will use this device.

The below video highlights the usability and how we might use it as a true journal.

I believe that we might really use this device and it is a lot more practical than the iPad.

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