Pi day 3 – 14 and Einstein’s Birthday

[tweetmeme] Today is March the 3rd and with the american system of dates it would be represented as 3.14 which ofcourse is the first 3 digits of the mathematical Pi, when I say of course it is nerds and mathematical geniuses that will be more intrigued about it than anyone else. π (Pi) is the mathematical constant that has helped school children and mathematics professors determine the circumference of a circle based on its diameter for centuries. The constant starts with 3.14 and continues forever (as it is an irrational number). Many math geeks celebrate the famous math constant (and mathematics in general) on every 14th of March because that date represents the first three digits of Pi.

There is a less known fact of Pi actually there are many, but this I found a bit interesting and non geeky.

Pi is an irrational number, which means its decimal representation goes on forever. This means that potentially every possible number you can think of is hidden somewhere in pi – your date of birth, phone number, or even your bank details. What’s more, using a code that converts numbers into letters would let us find the Bible, the complete works of Shakespeare, or indeed every book ever written, if we looked at enough digits.

There’s one catch: for this to be true, pi would have to be a “normal” number, and we don’t yet know if it is. If it’s normal, the numbers 0 to 9 will appear equally often in its decimal representation. That means any single-digit number occurs one-tenth of the time, any two-digit number one-hundredth of the time, and so on.

The probabilities get vanishingly small when you start looking for the huge numbers of digits corresponding to the Bard, but just like those infinite monkeys and their typewriters, you’d get there in the end.

Did I also mention its Einstein’s birthday ?? well some people are born with it.

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