Transparent and Techo Football for the World Cup

[tweetmeme] Technology has spread to all aspects of our lives, and Sports is something where accuracy and timing is one of the most desired characteristics, and so how could technology not be involved. Well, in an earlier post I had looked at the influence of technology in the world of cricket.

Considering the world cup approaching this year, the football which had undergone aesthetic and aerodynamic upgrades from Adidas last time around has just got an injected with sensors, yes if all goes well this time around the world cup will feature footballs that are transparent as well as be embeded with sensors that will let the referee know when the ball has crossed the goal line. Dubbed Goal line technology, which FIFA had decided to use at the 2007 Club World Cup, to be contested by continental club champions in Japan between December 7 and 16 2009 is apparently really pleased with the results and the same might be used at the FIFA world cup as well.

AGENT, a strategic intelligence embassy has revealed a transparent football concept dubbed the CTRUS. Fair play could creep in ever so well in the game of soccer if something like this interactive detection system, GPS and RFID included ball can make to the fore. This would mean easier identification of those close calls over the goal line, or the side line. Make obvious the off sides, and provide transparency in decisions like the ‘hand of God’ and the more recent Thierry Henry’s controversial handball goal against Ireland. The inner structure of the CTRUS is made in skelle-core while the outside of the ball features a net-embedded shell, which leaves the ball to be the first transparent soccer ball. More images and video demonstration of the ball after the jump.


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