Watch Documentaries Legally for free

This is something of a off topic post, and to be honest its one that started the entire technology research / quest in motion for me. My first foray into the inquisitive was led through the Discovery Channel and National Geographic, “Extreme Machines”, “Future World”, “World 2020” all were favorites. Adding to the inquisitiveness was my engineering which gave me a different perspective on the whole scientific / engineering community. The fact that; whatever work you engineer will be left as a testament for everyone else to see was something of an aspiring result for me.

So in a way I owe a lot to the Discovery specials and the Nat Geo geniuses, A cross breed between film entertainment, education and entertainment, documentaries have not only shown that education can be very interesting. And also that creativity and story telling is as important to education as the content you are teaching.

So this week I want to check for 2 interesting websites where you get to see documentaries for free and more importantly legally. I have spent a lot of time trying to download documentaries without finding the more striking ones, most of the time not legally. Ever since I have started to look at piracy critically, I have looked for legal sources to watch online download etc. Anyway, getting back to the documentary websites here are my picks : :

Free Documentaries has a great selection of documentaries that are surely going to entertain and inform the eager viewer. It’s Free, no advertisements and the quality is fairly decent. Check out the Link :

YouTube – Journeyman Pictures :

Journeyman Pictures is London’s leading independent distributor of topical news features, documentaries and footage. They’re like a video encyclopedia of the world. And now you can view documentaries on their high quality viewing platform here, or even at the YouTube page here; Not forgetting their website.

YouTube – Al Jazeera Documentaries :

Al Jazeera is one of the emerging channels that is producing great compelling and very interesting documentaries. By definition being from the Middle East, the documentaries are expected to be a bit biased, however Al Jazeera is not. Its great and have a great collection that can be watched on YouTube itself. Please let me know of what you think of these.  Check out the link below to access Al Jazeera TV :

Or to help out checking out more videos on YouTube or Google Video, someone has made a compilation of some of them here.

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