Google bites off a piece of the Apple

[tweetmeme] Google and Apple have been on it for quite some time, and one seems to be trying to outsmart the other all the time. I have been trying to show the aspects of Apple and Google that inspire innovation. I am a big fan of both Apple as well as Google and Google has always been the one closer to my heart. The rivalry of the two giant companies is beautifully demonstrated in this infographic by GigaOm. However, in terms of attacking emerging markets, Google has taken a bite off Apple, in what the Apple could have done, to what Google have managed to do.

Interestingly, my past few posts have all been about bashing Apple about their “poor performance” with the iPad. Infact I also bought up the aspect of what the iPad could have been. And acting as straight out of the post and the imagination of Mac Funamizu of Petit Invention, Google has just announced at the Mobile World Conference that we do not really need to learn another language. The post about what the iPad could have been, showed what a device about Augmented Reality should be be able to do. Google in an attempt to sort of bridge the gap has come up with their first offering Google Goggles.

Googles Goggles adding an additional feature, has just demoed the application translating some text, at the Mobile World Conference. Here is a demo below.

It’s still in the experimentation phase, but ideally you can just snap a picture of something you need translated — a street sign, a menu, directional aids — and Google Goggles will send your pic to the server and have a response back to you with translated text in seconds.

Will this open up avenues for amazing devices lined up like the Notion Ink Adam, using an Android platform and can make use of more applications like the Layar and Google Goggles. Only time will tell, but this seems to be the first bold forray of Google into Augmented Reality, and we just hope that its not the last.

  1. March 1st, 2010

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