Love it or hate it …. Microsoft Innovation

Like a lot of people on the planet, I started off as someone who hated Microsoft and its products because at the core of the software itself, it is very “buggy” and not very flexible to users. Microsoft had become synonymous with the “Blue Screen of Death” and they have been working for the past 10 years to break from that image. And yes they have covered some ground with Windows XP which I really love, and now Windows 7. All this from an end user perspective. Your average geek will still hate it with an enthusiasm of a 4 year old.  I am nobody to tell them that they are wrong, in fact most of the reasons that people hate Microsoft are right, and people are right in hating them. There is however one thing which Microsoft has done for us, bring the computer into our homes and lives. I think Microsoft hate is an excuse for a lack of introspection, and credits Microsoft with far better execution and strategy than it actually possesses.

Whatever the reason may be, most of us used a computer which ran a Microsoft Operating system, use Office Productivity suites from Microsoft and also the spotlight of hate Internet Explorer, which was most of our first portal to the amazing world of the Internet. I say this despite liking the graphics calling Bill Gates an Evil Master, but he is a good person ( Think Bill and Melinda foundation).

Over years Microsoft has tried hard to get into different streams of our lives competing with other silicon valley giants, paid up for law suites, made plans to take over the world, and somewhere in between Innovate. Some of the concepts that Microsoft has bought up have been giant “FAIL”s. Examples of some would be the Zune (Dubbed iPod Killer), Windows Mobile (Dubbed the Nokia Killer) and Microsoft SPOT (Dubbed the future of communication before 3G and Wi-Fi). However they have also given us gems like the OPC, OLE for Process Control, which is now out of Microsoft’s control and is one of the standard protocol in the Automation Industry or trying to bridge the computer TV divide with Windows Media Centers which I thought were ideal as a Home Automation platform or the Xbox 360.  Agreed that the first XBox Sucked, but with the next release Microsoft outdid the platform that everyone said would change the future of entertainment, the Playstation 3 with its infamous ‘Cell’ Processor. Well this is still debatable.

Their reputation is that, in the fast moving technology world where Augmented Reality and Ubiquity rub shoulders the Redmond Giant might be caught napping. However, its not really the case, they are working on some beautiful concepts which are as revolutionary as they are unique. Well I will not just talk about them, but rather show them, So here goes :

Microsoft Surface

One of the first to make a concept of border less sharing between devices and seamless interaction between the virtual world and the real world was the Surface. The Microsoft surface as showcased here is a table top computing device which with the help of more cameras and intuitive software makes out touch screens and existing laptops look like stone age technology. Most of us would have at some time seen demonstrations of this, as this is being already used in trials for over a couple of years.

Microsoft Tag

With QR codes and the like making it into the realm of next generation interaction with digital devices, Microsoft have tried to make something of a colorful barcode called the Microsoft Tag. How much of it might be really successful is something for time to tell, but for the time being I believe that Microsoft has taken a step in the right direction in introducing more standards, trying to give developers more flexibility to experiment with. You can checck out Microsoft Tag here. Oh yes, it also links the physical world to the Internet just like the QR Codes, but this is more colorful.

Microsoft Courier

I already spoke about this at length in the post about the tablet wars. However here is another video to remind us all about the vision of personal computing from Microsoft.

Other innovations include Microsoft Augmented Reality research,   Microsoft Mind Control, enabling users to think the thoughts and commands, eliminating the need of input devices altogether, and Microsoft Flex, control computer inputs through flexing muscles which together are part of some 10,000 Patents that the company owns.

With these an more Microsoft is looking to pave their way into the household of the 21st Century average guy. See some of their future concept videos below to get an idea.

Future Concept

Future of Healthcare

Future of Manufacturing

At Home

  1. Not only are Microsoft Tags more colorful but now we are making them more useful. We just released 2 accelerators for IE8 today that make use of Microsoft Tag to allow users to transfer blocks of text or links from their desktop to any mobile phone that can use the Microsoft Tag reader. The premise is simple. The easiest way to transfer something from your (or anyone else’s) desktop to a mobile device is by using Tag. There is a Descriptive page, a FAQs page and four new Supporting Videos on our site.

    Product –
    Description –
    Support FAQ –
    Videos –

      • misterjester
      • February 8th, 2010

      Checked out the links I think that the success depends only on how many apps are going to be available and how well it integrates.

  2. I’ve seen fewe pf their innovations in their Head Office , They are awesome , they are making this world a better place..

  1. February 4th, 2010

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