Another inspiration from Minority Report ePaper

Minority report is one of my favorite movie from the 2000’s which actually displayed some technology way ahead of its time. In fact a lot of the devices that we are seeing today are somehow inspired by great sci-fi movies like the Minority Report. In fact in my earlier post I wrote about how real technology taking a lot of inspiration from movies, check it out.

Well today I am looking at another technology that is well from Minority report. The really awesome ePaper. Of course I mentioned about ePaper earlier in the same post mentioned above. But this time its even more like the real thing. Can’t quite recall where it comes in the movie, see the clip below.

And then there is the part where these technologies are coming into reality. One of them is Bonnier. Bonnier is now a multi-channel media company with experience and knowledge from a full range of media in 175 countries across 20 countries. Check out their version of the ePaper or rather eMagazine below

Well most people might be telling now that devices like this are many these days and well with the launch of the iPad from Apple i will really say that the field is just got bigger with devices like this. However there is another interesting invention from LG, yes LG the company known for their amazing TV’s and failed mobile phones.

The concept of the ePaper that the Korean company has announced has a 19-inch-wide display, about the size of a regular newspaper page. At a thin 0.3mm, it’s slightly thicker than a piece of paper (about 0.06mm), and its 4.5-ounce weight will feel a lot heftier than a newspaper. Once commercialized, the revolutionary technology will slim down bulky dailies and hopefully save tons of paper, wastewater and carbon emissions.

Please check out some other concepts of the ePaper and eInk concepts from other developers.

via Inhabitat

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