Century and some statistics

This in fact is my 100th post and I wanted to write about it, I have been blogging for a while but not very regularly. However this year I decided to make more of my effort to blog and also thought that I could help people who do not update themselves as they do not have time to just browse for stuff. I know that there are a hundred other things that I can be writing about, but quite frankly technology is closer to my heart. Popular technology, bizarre technology, internet technology as well as just anything related to technology. So I decided to write about it.

It was just a while ago that I was wishing friends ‘Happy new year’ and already it’s the end of the first month in that new year. I am proud to share some statistics for the month on the blog. I know it’s the last day and today’s views will not be counted but going from 100 visitors in a month to over 750 visitors this month, is something of a personal landmark. Which I am very proud of.

Like the movies Avatar makes it big at my blog as well. Followed by Valentine’s Day and Business Cards; interesting precedence of things. So without further adieu I bring you the top posts of this month.

1. Avatar …. the beginning, read on ..

2. This valentines day try the 3D valentine’s Card

3. Awesome new Business Card … Unbelievable

4. Google Search .. you dont know anything

5. Invisible text … made visible for Mobile

Busiest Day : January 28, 2010

Average views per day : 26 Views (not really very great but still a number)

Total views for January : 780

I also received my statistics on the other site where I regularly post presentations. That site is http://www.Slideshare.net. I am going to post some statistics from there as well. As it is something I am also quite happy for, these statistics are however for the last year on slideshare.

In 2009, I uploaded 4 presentations and got:


· 7,248.0 average views per presentation

· 84 favorites


Your most popular presentation was:

Top 25 Bollywood movies of all time


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