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How does Google do it ??

Google is the one company that people dream of working, and they just make it like a “kid in a candy store” feeling for everyone who gets to peek into anything Google. Arguably one of the most technologically advanced company on the planet. Everyone likes Google, (of course there are those who hate it for privacy issues etc) and nearly everyone I know uses at least one product from them. The Search Engine being the most popular. How do they do it ? well, Google has a lot of Data Centers which do the searching, mapping, document processing, productivity management, Chatting, waveing and tonnes of other things, and present it through our web browsers to us.

A data center is a fancy name for a warehouse-like building that contains thousands of servers. Because these servers consume a lot of electricity, there is a great deal of electrical equipment required to bring the power to the servers, including equipment to provide power in the case of a utility power failure. Typically 10-20% of the incoming power is lost in this machinery. We first focused on streamlining this equipment with a goal of eliminating most of the waste.

Google’s data centers are the object of great fascination, and the intrigue about these facilities is only deepened by Google’s secrecy about its operations. After years of secrecy, Google held its “Data Center Efficiency Summit” last year, where the company showed off one of its Data Centers and custom web servers – all in a bid to evangelize for energy efficiency. The green angle means that everything has been planned for optimum power use, from the 1AAA shipping containers (sporting over a thousand servers each) that make up the core of its operations, to the servers themselves – each containing its own 12-volt UPS. This design is said to boast a staggering 99.9 percent energy efficiency, as opposed to a standard centralized UPS setup which at best would only score 95 percent. According to CNET, these are efficiency levels that the Environment Protection Agency of America doesn’t envision as practical until at least 2011.

Check out some of the videos below where Google shows off its Data Center capabilities and innovations

Google believes its data center operations give it a competitive advantage, and says as little as possible about these facilities. The company believes that details such as the size and power usage of its data centers could be valuable to competitors. Google says this data center has slots for over 45,000 servers in 45 containers.

Leading from the front Google is one of those companies who has grown to the size it is because of the love of its fans and also because they always make the right moves into the market. From energy efficient Data centers to giving away profits of the previous years to rebuild crumbling economies, they are really telling companies how to be socially responsible. (We’ll let go of all the privacy issues for the time being)

Also worth a look is the tour of Google’s water treatment facility. Google uses water to cool the hot air the servers produce. Most Google data centers use chillers to cool the water by refrigeration, but one data center in Belgium is experimenting with the use only of the less power-hungry evaporative cooling.

For more information regarding Google Data Centers Check out the link here.