Money Management now made portable

Finance is something that is very personal to people, definitely divulging ones financial information to another person is not something we are comfortable with. It is quintessential that this information is kept securely and managed properly to organize your financial life. There are many Software available online for the management of personal finances. The only problem being that these personal finance managers need to be installed on a computer which then restricts your access to the information you need when you might need it most.

A great alternative is to use finance managers on your phone especially if you have an iPhone or another high specification phone. The other way is to use portable apps, We all know about portable apps by now. If not then you can read my post about portable apps here. In this post I wanted to share some portable apps that are specifically designed for the portable environment.

Money Manager Ex  (Open Source)

Authors Website : Money Manager Ex

Download: You can download it directly from HERE

Notes: Be sure to choose the zip download and not the installer!

RQ Money (Freeware)

Authors Website:

Download: You can download RQ Money HERE

GNUCash (Open Source)

Authors Website: GNU Cash Portable

Download: get GNUCash Portable

PWS Money (Freeware)

Authors Website :

Download :

  1. Online Money Manager is very useful for everyone.everyone see about money on the computer.

  2. Last year was a struggle for me like most Americans, but with a money management and budgeting tool I created, I saved more money and was able to make better decisions. The software is not complicated and requires little time at all to dedicate to routinely track expenses, bills, income, and payments. Most importantly, it prevents overspending with constant reminder of “What you have left”- a balance summary that automatically updates with every transaction entered into the software program. The balance summary give you totals for your income, expenses, and bills for the month as well as a calculated total that let’s you know “what you have left”.

    The tool has helped me and my family. I know it will help your viewers successfully manage their finances. Because the software requires little time, effort, and is a simple tool to use, if you do want to begin managing your finances successfully, you will not be discouraged by time-consuming and complicated spreadsheets and software programs targeted more for small business use. Quick, simple, financial success.

    Pass along the information about the money management and budget tool to your viewers. Your viewers can purchase a copy of the software by going to my website/blog
    and go to the Tools section. The cost of the software is $8.99

    Contact me via email to receive an evaluation copy of the Personal Finance Tool software.

  3. Hi guys,

    I would like to create a money manager tool in Excel. Does anyone know of any excel-based tools that are already there? So, that I can improve upon those tools and provide something that is not given by those tools.


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