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My tryst with Burj Dubai oops Burj Khalifa now finally opened …

Dubai has become what it is today partly through defiance of normal expectations: here are islands shaped like palm trees, the world’s only seven-star hotel, the world’s richest horse race. But the result is a place that lacks coherence, both physically and psychologically. In many ways, it resembles a glorified film set, awaiting the arrival of the swashbuckling hero to tie all the loose strands together and give this fantasy some credibility. But this most unconventional of places is not immune to reality.
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Amidst all of this, the city state has just opened the tallest tower in the world. And having the pleasure to witness this once in a lifetime event made it an amazing experience for me personally. Driving in towards the ‘Burj’ we could witness the crowds anticipation of the opening ceremony, there were proffessional and amateur photographers at every location conceivable where they could get a good picture. The local newspaper also has a contest running for the best picture of the tower. The iconic building of Dubai which Dubai spent the last 4 years publicising however does not show the name of Dubai.  The tower is now called Burj Khalifa, in honor of the sheikh who helped save dubai from their credit default last month.
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At a height of 828 Meters, this is a very impressive building. Last night as I watched the fireworks around the tower light up the night sky, I was reminded about my brush with the giant tower. During my work with NG Global, we were stationed at the tower for about 6 months trying to figure out some issues with the Building Management System and during my visit was lucky enough to have visited the hightest manned floor in the world, the 162nd floor of the Burj. Have some pics attached of the views from there.
Getting back to the opening ceremony, it was one hell of a fireworkd show. Just begining to comprehend the logistics of lighting up a tower of 828 Meters with fireworks, let alone syncronising the fireworks, is a huge task. Check out the videos from Youtube, and some pictures from various friends. I still need to upload my pics which I will soon, and will update the same as I do it.