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3 Web Innovations / Finds that are Awesome – Part 2

First of all since this is my first post in the new year, Happy new year to all. Looking at the number of hits that the above post; I am thinking that it would be a good idea to do this one on a fortnightly basis. I am saying this, however it might not be possible at times knowing my frequency of blogging. But looking at the last few days of blogging it gives me a bit of confidence in posting something like this. So here goes, here are my 3 web finds the second edition, or I should say ‘Google’ version.

Doodle Watch: Out of the many wonderful things that Google do; as one of the world’s most recognized brand logos, they actually modify it slightly to highlight the ‘mood’ of Google in that particular country or season. These minor variations of their logo are called Doodles, and there is a new site that pucks up on the doodles and displays them for us to see. Whats more they do it automatically, which means as soon as the Google Logo changes anywhere in the world, they pick it up and add it to their repository.

Check it out here.

Autocomplete Me: Google search usually provides tonnes of suggestions for the search enthusiast. But there are circumstances where the autocomplete function of the Search giant is good for a few laughs. I mean the suggestions on the auto suggest site are unbelievably funny. Like the one below …

You can check out the autocomplete website here.

Google Fast Flip : One problem with reading news online today is that browsing can be really slow. A media-rich page loads dozens of files and can take as much as 10 seconds to load over broadband, which can be frustrating. What we need instead is a way to flip through articles really fast without unnatural delays, just as we can in print. The flow should feel seamless and let you rapidly flip forward to the content you like, without the constant wait for things to load. Imagine taking 10 seconds to turn the page of a print magazine!

Check out Fast flip here