Future Tense …

Previously I did write about the Paleo future, a future which we thought the world would be like in the past. But definitely that future is a little deferred but still in line with what is today. You can check out the Paleo future post here. Lot of things have changed, even the internet that we so admire has changed or simply put, our interaction with the Internet has definitely changed. One of the main domains that has altered our world present, past and definitely in the future is information access.

In the 1800’s we were a clan of people that were meeting at the town center, or at the weekly market to exchange information about each other and the local surroundings, then the big revolution happened, Newspapers. Newspapers provided us with information about what was happening around the world without having to leave the comfort of the homes. It fascinated people that they could go and see pictures from places as well as news from people that are completely not in your circle of friends, village or even continent. The natural succession to the newspaper was the radio, the humble radio as it is called today was nothing short of a revolution at that moment, you could now listen to people live talking about events that happened as you spoke. Unbelievably, the information hunger that people had just kept increasing and now they wanted to also see what was happening, a few years later came the Idiot box, the one tool that ruled the homes, hearts and lives of millions of people around the world. New stars were born, created and then the term “15 seconds of fame” was put together.

Lurking in the background at the same time was a very geeky invention, the Computer and the Internet. It did not seem much until, the efforts of Microsoft along with a whole host of manufacturers put the computer in the homes of people. I know a lot of people will disagree with me about using Microsoft here, but let’s all face it, they were the first to move in to the home with interfaces that maybe the masses could understand and use. Now a majority of city dwellers have a very strong online presence. A presence that is almost like living on the internet where you choose what information you want to see, rather than the earlier medium of newspaper, radio and TV. The information highway got its 2 way route. So, whats next ? well there are theories and then there are theories. With technologies like augmented reality, virtual worlds and social news we are on the brink of yet another shift in our way of life … I have some videos here that shows different people’s opinion of the future. Please do have a look at these You tube videos.

World Builder – Its like Sketchup on steroids

Augmented Reality to the extreme ..  Microsoft concept videos

Microsoft Office

Oh well cannot embed MSN video so, here is the link to the site.

  1. January 8th, 2010

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