Measure it to Save It !

Metering, one word that will be the buzz word in the next few years to come. In fact so much so that Google has enteres into the utility metering race to provide all of us with information that can help us save money as well as do our part for the environment.

I have spoken about this for sometime, Google has an ideal platform that can help it foray into the households of people, this looks like a right step in the right direction for google. Microsoft made it big, only once it entered homes of people; its now google’s turn. Check out google’s video for it.

In fact they have joined hands with GE to plug into the power grid.

I also highly suggest checking out the GE smart grid site as well here.
For those of you who are thinking wow this is a new initiative, well it isi’nt. Google is following footsteps of some of the great thinkers in the same industry. You can check out some of the leaders below
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