India vs India – the battle continues.

A while back I cited a small ad made on the independence day celebration that featured the Big B himself here. And the hidden meaning of that saying was to clearly and surely show the India that was willing to give support but asked “Proof” of growth, to the “India” that wanted support to prove growth. And until this dilemma was solved we would never have a prosperous government, either just, secular, economically stable or anything positive.

The election is just shaping up as another place where something like this is beginning to show up. There are good intentions within non political entities that are trying to get India to leave behind all that is happened and try to make a change for the better of the country like the awesome campaign from Times of India i.e Lead India ’09 campaign which is really noteworthy in their approach trying to bring about changes like anti corruption, no criminals as leaders etc. And on the other hand you do have agencies like “Bleed India” which are discouraging people from voting because of all the bad that is happened in the past from the leaders.

The Lead India campaign has taken note of this as well and have put up this on their website

We know systems are corrupt. We know many politicians are too. But where is the solution. It is always easier to criticise than create. Their website has the potential to keep the young and tech-savvy glued to their screens. Be it the games or the ring tones, the fun quotient tickles the senses of all and sundry but we feel a more serious approach would have served them better. One grudgingly admires their creativity and innovation.

Like everything in our country, there is a constant battle between the India that was and the India that aspires to be. We know we have made a lot of mistakes in our past the partition, relisious divide in the country,

You can visit the sites here to see more about their campaign. Let me know what you think is the correct opinion because it’s us who will shape up the future of the country.

Lead India ’09 – BY Times of India

Bleed India Campaign

    • R.Alamsha Karnan
    • April 2nd, 2009

    Indian elections are based upon caste and religion, nothing else. Overpopulation is a silent crisis which we prefer to close our eyes. There is not enough to feed 1.2+ billion, ever growing nightmare.If we see the world population, next to China and India, US comes in 3rd place with 25 crores. We have to keep in mind that US and China are 3 times bigger than India. The critical objectives & parameters required to run a state efficiently is to provide a reasonable quality of life, sustainable infrastructure, law and order, GNP, minerals, education with employable skills, create jobs for new graduates and job seekers every year. These are some of the critical parameters to plan the capacity of a state machinery. If we take the average reach of the Indian state machinery in the past 60 years, it could not build the capacity to handle more than 30% of the population in the planning stage. This is the reason whatever happens in the country, 70% of the population is not bothered because it is not going to affect them. In other words, they have nothing to loose. On this basis, 50% is a very generous target (600 million) for us to provide good quality of life, i think.We have to make an appeal to the world community to adopt 50% of our population by countries with vast lands and resources, inline with the objectives of globalisation.

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