The Quacks of Dubai

It has been long a topic of debate, the medical facilities and the responsiveness of doctors especially in Dubai. I am still scared to go to the DOC in Dubai, I have a ligament that is over stretched and needs help, i am working with medication and some crape bandage. Reading the article below makes it even more difficult … I lost my dad in a cardiac aliment in Bangalore where I was certain the doctors tried everything. But here in Dubai it would not normally be the case, so I can really understand what the family would have gone through. My heart goes out to the family. My humble condolences to Shaila, her sisters and her Mom.

What use are all these discoveries and new methodologies in the field of medicine, if staffs lack basic code of conduct and are negligent beyond words to describe? … What do you call these people … a bunch of Quacks !!!

One day when I was feeling unwell, I decided to take medication on my own to treat my illness. Since it did not subside I decided to go see a doctor at a clinic. The doctor reprimands me saying ‘Have some respect for our profession. What are we doctors sitting here for, if you decide to treat yourselves?’.

Now what will you say, if you have a patient who is in the ICU of a government hospital, recovering from surgery, who complained right from day 1 post surgery of his uneasiness and pain, showed no signs of his condition improving like other patients after their surgery and yet the nurses were not bothered, didn’t insist on following up with the doctors. All this of done in spite of the helpless family members requesting for help !!!

This same patient prior to surgery was an active, healthy and bubbly man, who only had a heart block and needed heart bypass surgery based on doctor’s advice. From a healthy man he was butchered to become a vegetable. What will these same people do when it comes to their families and loved ones … butcher them ????

This is what exactly happened to a man who was a loving husband to a wife and a father to three children. He left his life totally in the hands of the staff’s who turned out to be heartless and cruel in the name of humanity. In his pain he went over and above to do anything the doctors said though it caused him severe discomfort. An innocent life was lost due to the negligence of the nurses at the Intensive Coronary Care Unit of Dubai Hospital.

The patient Mr. Valerian Joseph Pinto underwent Cardiac Bypass Surgery on 23rd March 2008. On 25th March, he was shifted to the Intensive Coronary Unit. The patient suffered from Bronchial Asthma and the nurses never attended to the patient or called for the doctors until the relatives had to alert the nurses of his condition and the Chest Physician was only called the next day in spite of him having breathing problems and being dyspneic. The patient had not slept the entire night. His condition was not diagnosed properly as the Chest Physician didn’t do a regular follow-up to monitor recovery.

The patient insisted on calling doctors as he was suffering from gas problem and breathing difficulty and no action was taken until family members insisted. Repeatedly the nurses kept saying ‘this is what patients go through, we have cases like this’. They never monitored his intake and output. Patient never passed stools 4 days after the surgery. Being an ICU, care was not taken in proper monitoring. If this is an ICU, where are the dedicated nurses for the patient? Do you generalise all patients saying this is normal, even after he complains he is unwell?

The canola was improperly inserted into the left-hand artery causing the medicine to flow outside into the flesh leading to swelling of the hand and the palm and discoloration. The swelling disfigured the left-hand and numbed the thumb, index and middle finger which resulted in the blood getting clotted. This also the family member had to notify the nurses to check. They called the on-call duty doctor to insert the fresh canola. He received a phone call and left the patient there. During this time the nurses were experimenting pricking the canola on the right hand thereby puncturing all the veins. After unsuccessful attempts, they called the Anaesthesia Doctor who came from a surgery and he could not find any artery and confirmed that all are punctured and went off.

There were no IV lines on either hands and they didn’t even start the central line. For 2 days the patient was not given Lasix to help him urinate. This led to urine being accumulated within the system. The patient complained he was restless and had severe perspiration. Did any nurse check on this or call the doctors?

One member of the family wanted to be with the patient overnight to help him as he was completely immobile but the nurses chased us out saying that visiting hours are over and ensured that the security guard was there till we left. The patient had even received doctor’s approval for a family member to stay overnight, but it went to deaf years of the nurses and the nurses chased us out.

The right medication was not given on time and his case was generalised like all the other bypass cases but Mr. Pinto needed extra care since he developed complications. All we kept hearing from the nurses is that ‘we get cases like this’. Our question to the hospital is – are all cases generalised like this? Would these same ruthless people say this if it was their husband, father or brother?

The nurses had a very unwelcoming nature. Hours before he breathed his last , it was a case of emergency but the attitude of the nurses showed pure carelessness. A case of emergency was handled in the midst of three patients who had already undergone open heart surgery and were in recovery. Equipments were not brought in on-time. The seriousness of the matter appeared like a joke to them. The nurses in the room were laughing and portraying cold behaviour when a human was fighting for his life. They were unaware of where the equipments were kept and were moving here and there to find the medication. The General Physician wanted to take an x-ray of the patient’s stomach; there was no portable x-ray machine available at the time.

The night (29 March) before the patient passed away he was very restless and uneasy and kept pressing the bell calling out to the nurses for attendance, as he was desperate and needed to see a doctor. First the nurses would take their own sweet time to attend and after some time they would disconnect the bell so that the patient does not disturb them. In his time of need he was not able to request for help as the bell was disconnected during the night.

After the patient passed away, not a single nurse offered condolences to the grieving family members and continued their cold hearted behaviour. There was no compassion towards patients. This is nothing but butchering a human being. From a lively person who only had a heart block, after the surgery they made him a complete vegetable.

Such inefficient people cannot be a part of an ICU Team. They were neither proactive nor reactive but very sloppy. They paged doctors 3 times and since there was no response, they didn’t follow up. Is this how you treat an emergency?

The cardiac surgeon put the patient on the ventilator; there was no anaesthetic doctor available. They waited for the heart beat to drop till action was taken. Moreover, they are no on-call doctors available. Life support was not given on time.

Oral medication was given instead of supplying through the IV line. IV was stopped as all veins were punctured in both hands.

For one ailment of the patient they complicated it all and caused him to suffer by not providing the right medical aid. The nurses were highly inexperienced who are not aware of the stock the ICU owns. E.g. Flatus tube

We saw the inexperience of hospital staff in treatment, service and reaction of nurses and doctors in handling and treating patients. Right from the male nurse who delivered the mobile ventilator few minutes before the patient died to the so-called Doctor who wrote the Death Certificate. The nurses were cold hearted. The nurses were not aware whether a flatus tube was available when the cardiac doctor enquired.

When we asked the doctor what was the cause of death, he verbally confirmed saying its Pulmonary Embolism and on the death certificate he wrote the cause as Cardiogenic Shock which is completely different. Till date the hospital has not reverted on the complaint lodged. It took them 6 days to end a life and they need a life time to investigate.

You may investigate and try to cover up your positions but mind you the Lord God up above will not let you cover your position on the day of our eternal judgement.

We lost a loved one in the hands of Quacks.

– Grieving Family of Late Mr. Valerian Joseph Pinto

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