Being a gadget freak that I am, I wanted to own the Apple iPhone. As it turns out, the Apple iPhone is an amazing piece of marketing as well as the not so new technology inside. I mean the technology used in the Apple iPhone was already available through NeoNode, a Swedish company. NeoNode as it turns out from the link above is a bit more cooler than the Apple iPhone, it released most features of the Apple iPhone more than 2 years ago, in the NeoNode v1. Although they are all set to launch NeoNode 2, it seems a worthy wait. Ok I drifted from the topic, well talking about my love for gadgets and specially the apple gadgets.

When I was sent this video link, I felt like I was bleeding from inside. Well do not believe me, check the videos out.

Will it Blend – iPhone

Will It Blend – iPod

And this is how we get iDust.

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