A Salik Pain in the Ass !

I resisted a lot and fought myself so that I should not write about it but then I don’t think I have an option now. For the past 3 years since I have come here to Dubai there are only 3 things people talk about, Rents, Traffic and Heat in the Summer. This summer its the highest rent increases in the past few years, and yet that is not the main topic of discussion in Dubai. Its “Salik”, yes Salik roughly translated it is “Clear” in Arabic. Mainly introduced because the Roads and Transport Authorities are actually planning to reduce traffic on Dubai’s Primary road. Sheikh Zayyed Road. And I think they have more than achieved the target.

Although they have achieved the target of clearing the roads intended off traffic. They still need to clean up the mess they have created after the Salik has been introduced. Being the Lazy Kid that I have been I used to take advantage of my proximity to work by leaving as late as possible from Work, Now due to Salik my primary route to get to work is distorted, and so I need to use Al Makhtoum or Business Bay like I did today. Makhtoum bridge was overflowing with cars, it was almost like the Day had ended and people were queuing to go back home towards Deira and Sharjah.

All this was still in the opposite direction of traffic, I wonder how the day was in the direction of peak traffic. Anyway what is keeping people at the moment is “First Salik Violator“, “A review of What people have to say of Salik“, “How it will make things worse“. I sure hope the authorities know what they are doing with the Toll cos rumors are around stating that the next roads for the toll system are going to be All entry and exit points to and from Dubai, including the Emirates Road.

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