Building 2.0

Web 2.0 has bought upon some serious consequences to the technology industry. It was one of the biggest leaps in the ever so growing forest of the Internet. People now expect that services should contain what is now called user experience and not user interface.

This giant leap in the electronics industry is just prompting everyone else to play catch for the next leap in their industries as well. The Building Automation industry is not running far behind, we are looking at alternative solutions to completely utilize and build upon the successes of the Web 2.0 culture.

A lot has been spoken about buildings and their future and what will happen next. We are the people who need to make the initiative happen. So What is Building 2.0, I think the 5 fold answer for it is fairly simple

  • Buildings 2.0 is a vision that intricately intertwines buildings with Internet technologies. It is a vision that the future of buildings is one which is controlled, managed and connected to the Internet, in a way that goes far beyond simply placing a web server to the control system or in the use of IP.
  • Buildings 2.0 is a vision of how technologies such as IP and Web Services will transform how building systems connect with each other, how the limitations of traditional integration is blown away.
  • Buildings 2.0 is a desire to focus how we look at buildings in a new way, how the experience of the occupier (through new-found services)–in concert with the purpose of the building–and maximizing a building’s performance can work in harmony.
  • Buildings 2.0 is also an initiative that is sensitive to the realities of the immense investment building owners have in their buildings, and must present a way for facility managers to leverage existing systems and assets to work in the context of the vision outlined by Buildings 2.0.
  • Buildings 2.0 must be an initiative that cares for the scarce resources we have on planet Earth. Enormous opportunities exist today to adopt technologies that will enable buildings to use less or even no fossil-based energy, and thus to produce less harmful carbon emissions.

Well for those traditionalists who think this is another solution that is hyped up. I would like to make it clear, its not a solution, Yet. Its a concept, its a breath of fresh air in this industry. I think its our only tool of reaching the future that people have dreamt about.

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