The Future that was

I am sure most of us here would have watched a movie or commercial or some pics in the past showing or highlighting how the future would look like. Most of those wishes and fantasies of the authors don’t actually come to life but rather get lost in the translation and time.

Recently started visiting an excellent site on blogger showing the exact same thing, Future Predictions in the past. It is very weird to see how things have turned out and how things were predicted to be turned out.

All new inventors and scientists always gave the example of the telephone and television when they talk about their creations. I think its more of self satisfaction they look for, but I definitely remember that I my arguments for supporting that a particular technology will work. When the telephone was invented Wattson, Graham Bell’s assistant asked him, “Its nice but who would use it?”. The actual usage is so extensive, that most people like myself cannot think about a day without the mobile.

The tomorrow of yesterday is today, well of course it is. Someone needs to keep track of the future of yesterday so that when the today turns out like the tomorrow of yesterday then the person would come up and say “Dint I Say So?”. But more importantly it gives an insight to what people are thinking for the future, gives new ideas and theories to Scientists who can work to provide the solutions as shown. Well there is this site that I came across that talks exactly about this the term coined for the tomorrow of yesterday or yesterday’s future is “Paleo Future”. Visit them here.

    • dannyboy
    • June 19th, 2007

    First time on your blog… quite a mixed ag i must say. hmmm interesting! Dubai has brought abt a few changes …

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