There is a very old saying in Dubai, first you come to Dubai and look for a job, then you look for accommodation and then you keep looking for parking. Parking is definitely one of the biggest banes of the concrete jungles in this modern world. I mean every day I used to spend an ample amount of time finding and securing a place to park my wonderful Honda Accord. Well, those days are gone and have past me, and today since I have shifted into my new place, I am in a spot where there is ample parking and really a bit of leisure considering the stress and the time spent on finding a parking spot.

Thinking about it with an engineer’s brain I often think, that there should be a better way to handle this than thinking of reducing the cars on the road. Well I looked at the place where there is very little space left. Japan. The city of the Zen, I mean simplistic design and existentialist designs. And of course engineering marvels.

Guess this one best describes the complete solution in its totality.

Another One : this one is the best of all of them

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