Connected !!

After going through the hazzles of shifting there were a few more things that required to be sorted out, and one of them definitely was the internet connection. In this day and age of being part of the cyber lifestyle, places like Gmail, Google, Orkut, Blogger, Flickr, Picassa, torrent searches have become part and parcel of my life. I have not been on the cyberworld for the past week, more so because I have been very very busy at work. And saying I was very very busy is still an understatement. Not drifting away from the topic, after chasing the landlord, and all the related people I have got my internet connection at Last.

After waiting for 45 sweet days without internet at home, I finally have it now. Awsome !! My excitement is very visible I guess. It would have meant more if this blog was done through that connection. But well, compromise at the moment.

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