Shout for the food !

All of us have done it at some given point of time. We have all shouted for the food i.e. we all have experienced the frustration that comes along with ordering food in a shack. The shouting bit comes into play when the order does not come along for a long rime. Well what do you do , you shout for the food to get done. Some mad scientists have taken this further to invent a machine that will cook using nothing but yes, acoustic energy. Although the application of the technology is not yet in the form that I just expressed above. That would definitely be funny, but there might be a day when that vision becomes reality.

In reality scientists have worked out a solution to burn wood more efficiently by converting heat energy into acoustic energy used to cook food. This form of cooking can be the energy resource of the third world, although it does not eliminate emissions completely, it definitely puts in focus effective energy burning hence using less firewood for the cooking. Looking at the invention, I think the day is not too far when we would be using TV’s, AV components etc for more than just cooking food. Pump up the volume and the chicken is done ?
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