Konkani Kogul … Wilfy Rebimbus

The undisputed king of Konkani music, a living legend Wilfy Rebimbus has made a special place in the heart of every music lover of the coastal region. One can hardly find any subject on which Wilfy has not written a song. His fans in this part of the world love his old sentimental numbers.
World-class hits like ‘Mog Tujo Kitlo Axelom’, ‘Maria’, ‘Philomena’ and many others still ruling the Konkani music world are all-time favourites. Although by the time i heard him, he was a well knows figure in Konkni music, the songs still struck a chord in our hearts.

The track ‘Mog Tujo Kitlo Axelom’, has a special place in my heart as it is one track that connects a lot of my friends, specially the ones in Dubai. The track turned so influential with us that we ended up adding another paragraph to the amazing number while singing it. Infact when I met Lavina, it proved helpful in whooing her as well, as the fourth paragraph that we added was done keeping her in mind. I am not sure if there are many Mangee’s out there who have not heard of Wilfy.
I just happened to get an invite for the Wilfy Sentimental Nite in Dubai, Needless to say that the name ‘Wilfy’ meant the talented group led by “Konkann Kogull” Wilfy Rebimbus, joined by “Konkan Mynah” Meena Rebimbus together with Vishwas, Veena, Ivan Sequeira, Ratan Castelino and Stany D’Souza. The troupe took us music-lovers down memory lane. The memorable event was also marked by a candle-light dinner in a cosy atmosphere of the Al Bustan Rotana Ballroom, keeping the gathering tapping their feet to the tunes of golden olden songs from one of the greatest Konkani singers of all times.

This time a warm melosys tribute goes to Mr. Wilfy Rebimbus, for his perstince in providing us mangaloreans with loads of entertainment for all eternity.

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