Pressure to relax

Being in the mechanical world or the concrete jungle, we often tend to forget the smaller and various joys of life. We tend to be into the race for the first, most successful, most wealthy etc. And for sure I know there are hundreds of people who have written about this. What I am going to write is the pressure associated with the fact that we should relax. Initially when I started writing this blog, I used to always think that it’s a way to just indulge in me for that moment of time. Excited about the fact that I am writing, I actually started to tell close friends and associates about the blog. They have been reading it and telling me to update it, cos they think it’s interesting. Well it would be cos it’s a story, it’s MY story. Well not drifting away from the discussion at hand, well I have not been able to find time or not able to rack the brains enough to find a decent topic to write about. Well of course I have now moved into the new home (will post pics soon) and have had a few interesting dinner encounters but nothing out of the ordinary.

Well for one the fact that I am not writing about the events can be termed as apathy or actually lack of time to jolt down the emotions floating inside the head. It’s a point of view, I would say. Either way, the fact of the matter is that I have not blogged for about a week now, and strangely I am feeling pressurized. I though that I will make a point to blog at least once in a day, this seems vaguely impossible at the moment. Anyways, I will be trying to keep up with myself to update this. I did not think that relaxing would be such a pressure.

    • bookem, danny
    • April 28th, 2007

    We are all important… someone, or something

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