A spark that grew into a blog i mean fire.

image of phonecian numbers

Studying engineering trains ones brain into thinking analytically or rationally or let me say, inquisitively to make it a bit broader. Ever since I have completed my engineering, or maybe even before that, I have always wondered about things. Nearly everything I see or interact with needs to have a reason for being there, if not knowing how to get it there. As an example, working in the construction industry and looking at finishes interfaces with service elements, you get into a mood of looking and trying to figure out certain aspects of everything you see, for example how would a light fitting be well mounted into a ceiling so as to provide light as well as not spoil the appearance of the well made ceiling. This got me into trouble once, as in, I have been asked to stop at the Dubai Airport Immigration by the police as I was looking into all the cameras and moving around. The intention was actually to look at how they have managed to place a rather boring looking camera into a very well designed aesthetic ceiling.

This mindset is difficult to let go once you are out of work, everything you see, touch, feel, experience is another mystery to be solved, although it is not required. Although I might know that the camera was fit in a very aesthetic fixation so as to not look like a swollen pimple on the face of Cameroon Diaz, still the mindset gives the inquisitiveness to check how it was done. I have not been able to loose the mindset even while thinking of religion. I am a Christian by birth, and have confirmed myself to be of the faith in my adolescence. But now the inquisitive nature of the mind has given way to many questions related to Religion.

Christ, The Bible, Genesis, The Grail, The Ark of the covenant, endless mysteries lodged into the soul of Christianity and waiting to be solved. Although of course I know that I am not the first one to think this way, there have been many people in the quest and have been many journeys that they have taken. I might not be able to leave my current life in the search of trying to solve any of these mysteries. But definitely will find comfort in trying to find information from the research of the greats who have pondered over the same questions again.

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